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                                                                                                                                                                                Kraft bag with a window and filled with special category sweets.
Product size: 175 x 55 x 35mm MOQ: 50 Maximum print: full colour label
                          C-0629 - Blockbottom bag with special category sweets
   yellow choco
blue choco
black/white choco mix
cinnamon sticks
brown choco
green choco
jelly beans
chalk sticks
purple choco
2 colour choco mix
wine gums
cherry sticks
red choco
multi choco mix
gummi bears
Haribo gold bears
pink choco
white choco
liquorice allsorts
Haribo cola bottles
orange choco
black choco
cinnamon pads
Haribo liquorice
                         SWEETS & MINTS 27

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