Page 350 - Promotional Merchandise Catalogue 2023-24
P. 350

Made in Germany
German precision and quality are the trademark of STABILA
“The brand started with the production of folding rulers in the late 1800’s, shaping the folding ruler that we know and trust today.
It is not by accident that STABILA became a world- renowned manufacturer of branded measuring tools. Innovation and dedication lead to perfection. This holds as true for the brand as it does for the craftsmen who use their tools. STABILA learns from the best through constant dialogue with their customers: professionals in construction and craft trades. Insight in the day-to-day and evolving needs on a construction site inform the
innovation of STABILA’s product range. This insight is combined with the expertise of the brand’s own team of experts and engineers, who know how to design and manufacture reliable tools.
The STABILA philosophy is: “Good tools equal good work”. Precise measurements are the foundation of any construction project. STABILA is committed to being the best they can be, delivering high-quality tools that match the skills of the professional construction worker, boost their productivity, and let’s them achieve the best results.”

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