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 Our range is all about variety and safety. In the collection we have a large variety of products; anything from eco proof chargers to storm proof umbrella’s. But there is also variety in colour, so there is always a giveaway to match your brand. All products are fully certified according to EU regulations, to guarantee safety, from production to usage. Shop for the most popular giveaways, like pens, bottles, keychains, or surprise your business partners with something unique!
    Everybody knows the famous author Charles Dickens. The brand Charles Dickens is a true writer’s brand, with a selection of classic pens that inspire to write. We also have notebooks, a conference folder, bag, and umbrella, that bring the classic style into the future.
   Rötring is a German brand and just like German cars, Rötring stands for technical superiority and reliability. The brand grew on their mechanical pencils, must-haves for engineers and architects. Give a Rötring mechanical pencil or pen to your business relations.
  Scheaffer is a Midwestern American brand and what they do well is simplicity with a little bit of flair. This results in a timeless style, from 1913 to 2022. We have the ultimate Scheaffer ballpoint pen in our collection. The only question is: are you going for silver or gold?
   Nowadays, Switzerland is known for a high quality of life. But that is not just because of the fresh mountain air.
It’s thanks to the Swiss’ dedication to perfection and Victorinox embodies this attitude. The brand’s guiding principle is: “true quality is always found in the details”. The reliability and durability of their products reflect this.
  Waterman was founded in New
York in 1884, but the success of the brand in Europe meant a move to Paris. Waterman is known for its prize winning inventions, perfecting the Waterman pen. When you give a Waterman, you give a quality gift.
   The Stilolinea pens are 100% made in Italy. The Italian design is stylish and original and offers a variety of colours to match your brand. Every single pen undergoes a writing test so Stilolinea can guarantee the quality and writing comfort.
Cross is the oldest pen brand in our assortment. The brand was founded in 1846 but evolved with the time to stay modern. Cross pens are both hip and professional. Are those the values that reflect your brand? Give a Cross pen.
  When precision matters, you need Stabila. Stabila is a German brand of tools, world-renowned for accuracy and durability. We have added
the foldable rulers of Stabila to our assortment. Every handyman will agree: no toolkit is complete without them.
 Parker is a famous pen brand with a history of innovation, dating back to 1888. The entire line of pens is synonymous with luxury, supplied in a gift box. The Parker Jotter is the quintessential pen that everybody knows and loves.
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